"The underlying concept behind Human Energy Cycle Projection work is the application of Quantum Energy Theory to human emotions and behavior. Every human being, in fact every living creature, has a unique energy signature that can be plotted against time and space both forwards and backwards in time from a fixed initiation point. Quantum Energy does not control, dictate or even trigger human behavior, but human thoughts, emotions and resulting behaviors often align, cohere and even conform in predictable ways to the inherent nature and rhythms of universal quantum energy cycles. Therefore, quantum energy cycles can be used to reveal what an individual may be experiencing physically and emotionally during a personal crisis or life changing event" - Paul Nunn


Quantum Energy Theory can shed tremendous light on the mystery of human evolution in relationship to our life experiences, behaviors and expectations. Many of you have probably heard that subatomic particles, such as quarks will often conform to the expectations of the observer. This supports a long-held metaphysical theory that the physical world around us is nothing more than an exquisite metaphor for our inner beliefs, expectations, and perceptions of self. In other words, what we call reality in life (the material world) is actually a relative reality created by a higher organizing principle in response to our current beliefs and perceptions of self. And what is this higher organizing principle that creates or attracts the very reality we experience every moment of the day? New developments in astrophysics may shed some light on this question. Astronomers have recently begun to believe that there is an invisible organizing force in the universe that brings matter together, forming the stunning galaxies we have all seen in magazines and Online. They call this force dark matter. That sounds a bit ominous and unsettling, but it's called that simply because it's invisible. Dark matter appears to dislike randomness, prefers cohesion, and organizes the entire universe into constellations, galaxies and even rings around planets. It seems to be the invisible glue that holds everything in place which would explain why billions of stars, planets, comets, asteroids, gases, space dust and other particles are attracted to one another. Astrophysicists also believe that this dark matter is everywhere and even travels through our own bodies. Maybe this dark matter is not dark at all. Perhaps it is simply vibrating at a frequency that's much higher than our visual range. Our own emotions may provide a key to what this force really is. What is the one universal force in all of humanity and the animal kingdom that brings us together to rescue, help and support total strangers during natural or man made catastrophes? Something much greater than us seems to kick in during those heroic moments. Could this universal cohesive organizing force that moves us to put our own lives at risk to save another human being or animal, be love? And might the link between us and this universal organizing principle called divine love be our souls? In other words, our souls are a direct conduit or intermediary between us and the higher organizing principle we call divine love. In this way, our souls become our creator within, which bases its creation of our early life events and experiences on the perceptions of self we brought to this world. In other words, your soul is using your current beliefs and perceptions of self to create your current life circumstances.

So contrary to popular belief, we are not the product of our life experiences, but rather our life experiences and circumstances are the product of our perceptions of self. Even your parents and your early life peers are part of that creation. In fact, our souls create everything we experience in the outer world as a perfect metaphor for how we perceive yourselves. Just like quarks that conform to the expectations of the perceiver, our lives conform to our perceptions of self in each and every moment. Hence, life may exist for one purpose, to be a constant metaphor for how we perceive ourselves in each and every moment. The really good news here is that your soul is invested in your evolution! Because your soul is our direct link to the divine organizing principle we call universal love, it creates the very experiences we need to help us evolve beyond our initial self perception of self. Through this constant mirroring between self perception and life experience, we can see who we really are and begin to change our perception of self and thus evolve.

"Be the Change You Wish to See in the World"
- Mahatma Gandhi

Contrary to popular belief and present day myth, no one can predict your future. At best, the most they can do is project the likely outcome of your current behaviors, beliefs and perceptions of self. Even though many practitioners of the metaphysical arts will try to predict events in the lives of their clients, the most they can really do is deduce what might happen to them by tuning into their current energy patterns, compare this to what the person has done in the past, and then extrapolate that information into the future. I believe this is a misconceived and thoroughly misguided abuse of these ancient empirical disciplines. Using these tools to predict a person's future, or reveal current likelihoods, is a dangerous game at best. I have seen so many metaphysical practitioners use these tools to promote personal agendas, control others, or even worse, demonstrate how much power they have over another human being. At best, they are undermining the client's free will and belief in themselves. Of course, the resulting reduction in self love, self belief and self esteem will attract experiences and circumstances that reflect their lowered sense of self value and self worth.

Just like any other belief, philosophy, religion or value, these ancient tools can be used to help or hinder a person's evolution. If you truly care about the wellbeing of your clients, it is best to skip all the sensationalism and superficial nonsense, and look much deeper. Focusing on prediction doesn't help your client, but rather it robs them of the opportunity to create a better reality for themselves, especially when you suggest that their future may be predetermined. Rather than prediction, focus on revealing the cycles of energy (experience) their soul's have created to help them evolve into more loving and sentient beings.

The best use of these ancient disciplines is to help others understand their life purpose, to track the journey of their souls, to use the insights they gain to free themselves from predisposing effects of innate emotional patterns and habits that continue to dictate their current life experiences, and attract the same relationship patterns over and over again which continue to limit the full expression of their totality and fulfillment.

Tracking the journey of your soul from lifetime to lifetime, revealing the unresolved emotional material you brought to this world to work on, and discovering when your soul will re-introduce challenges to help you heal these past life emotional wounds is the essence of this alternative psychotherapeutic counseling work. This soul level form of psychotherapy appears to be the most effective tool there is toward revealing not only the core perceptions of self we bring to this world, but also the soul level reason for the experiences we go through, our life's purpose (where we're headed), as well as the pre-chosen developmental cycles we will encounter.

Please remember that you have total free will, hence these cycles of experience are not preordained, but rather they are pre-chosen by you and your soul to assist you in your evolution. Hence, we have the free will to respond to them in whatever way we choose, or we can simply allow the more mundane circumstances of our daily lives distract us from the meaning and purpose of these soul level cycles of challenge and support that were created by our souls to assist us in our evolution. In other words, we have the free will to respond to and take advantage of these evolutionary energy cycles or we can ignore them at our own peril.

"Our deepest fear isn't that we're inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God." - Marianne Williamson

In summary, this work reveals the unresolved emotional patterns and personality assets, our prenatal psychology, that we bring to this world from previous lifetimes, as well as the innate attitudes, expectations and perceptions of self that continue to attract the same life experiences over and over again. Contrary to more traditional theories in developmental psychology, the bulk of your personality is in place at the moment of birth, prior to your psycho/social development with parents and peers from birth forward. Session reveals the cycles of experience we brought to this world to support our evolution, including the roles we have chosen to play to heal our past life wounds, unresolved emotional patterns, and our perceptions of self (Karma) that continue to block the full expression of our totality and the fulfillment of our life purpose (our Dharma).

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