Sessions can usually be booked within one to four weeks after you place your order, schedule permitting, unless of course Paul is traveling or is incapacitated for some reason. Customers who have already paid for a session and have provided complete birth information, are always given priority over customers who haven't done that. Paul will not schedule a session with you until you have actually done all the above and given him several dates and times that work for you. The receipt you receive from PayPal will show Cycles Research Services, LLC on it, which is Paul's business name.


Most clients book full two hour sessions, hence Paul's appointments are in two hour blocks of time: Mon 4-6 pm, Tue-Thu 10-12 2-4 4-6, Fri 10-12 ET. Georgia is on the east coast, so the appointments are either in EST or EDT times, depending on the season. So, if you book your session on Tuesday from 10 am-12 pm ET, you need to be ready by 9 am if you live in Central Time (CT), 8:00 am if you live in the Mountain Time Zone (MT), and 7:00 am if in the Pacific Time Zone (PT). 

Note: Please limit your email exchanges for setting up an appointment time to five or less and save any additional questions for your actual session time.

Live sessions give you an opportunity to interact with Paul and guide your session in specific directions that interest you. They also allow you to focus on specific emotional issues that concern you, and get clarification about things that pop up during the two hours. Sit in front of your computer, tablet, notebook or pad, so you can flip between screens  and see all the amazing energy patterns and cycles you brought to this world. Bring plenty of paper, or notepad, pens. calendar, water, tea, coffee or juice, and a watch or clock to keep track of time. 

Tip: be sure to find a quiet room, preferably with a closable door, where there's no chance for interruption from family, friends, pets, or co-workers.


Paul changed to Zoom's platform because many clients were having trouble figuring out how to use Skype, which is unfortunate because its audio quality is far superior to any other online VOIP service. Paul only uses the audio capabilities of Zoom for two reasons: One, because he wants clients to feel as comfortable as possible during their soul purpose session, for the more relaxed you are, the easier it is for Paul to tune into your Soul's energy. So, you don't need to get dressed up for the occasion. Two, streaming video and audio at the same time increases the likelihood that one of our computers might crash, which could result in losing everything that has been recorded prior to the crash.

Tip: It is best to plug your headset or earbuds, into your desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet, or cell phone before turning them on so the Zoom app recognizes them when it opens. 

When you record the session on your end, you will have an immediate copy of everything Paul has shared with you. To activate your Zoom recorder, let Paul know that you would like to record your session and he will click the authorize button on his end. Once he does that you will be able to activate the recorder. Zoom can be download and installed on most devices in only a few minutes, plus Zoom calls are free!

Note: Paul will send you a Zoom Meeting ID and Passcode in the hour before your session begins.



Reading the following paragraphs will help insure a more successful session with Paul. Please fill out and submit the Client Contact Form below, immediately after placing your order.

Make Sure You: 

  • PLACE AN ORDER for this is the only way Paul can hold a position for you in his queue. Booking priority is based on the date and time your order was placed. Unfortunately, Paul doesn't have a full time secretary who can discuss times with you over the phone, so he relies on you to give him dates and times that work for you and align with his 11 weekly time slots over the next few weeks. Those time slots are Mon 4-6 pm, Tue-Thu 10-12, 2-4, 4-6, Fri 10-12 ET. The email receipt you receive from PayPal will show Paul's business name which is Cycles Research Services, LLC.
  • PLEASE SUBMIT THE CLIENT CONTACT FORM below, so Paul will have your latest home address, cell phone number, and email address. Because a major part of the session is based on where you currently live, this is a critical requirement for preparing your session material. If you give Paul the wrong address, it could severely impact the accuracy of your session. To track your soul's journey accurately, knowing where you currently live is just as critical as knowing where you were born, for they both reveal your soul's purpose, and also impact the experiences you will attract.

    Note: Paul will only contact you via email, so make sure you monitor your inbox often especially on the day of your session. His client database is far too large to share his private cell phone number, so you will not be able to communicate with him via text message. Paul never assumes clients live at the same address every year, nor will he assume the address on the PayPal order is your current home address, so please enter your true home address in the Client Contact Form below.
  • CONFIRM YOUR BIRTH INFORMATION preferably with documentation: such as a baby book, family photo album, hospital wrist bracelet, certified birth certificate, or transfer copy that shows the time, date and location of your birth. Paul discovered over the past 40's that parent memories are the least reliable source for birth time information, because they are wrong 95% of the time. He also found that 30% of parents don't remember the day their child was born, so don't even bother checking with them. There are other methods you can use to find your exact birth time, which are much more reliable, which Paul can share with you.  

    Note: New technologies make it easier to locate a person's full birth information. In fact, most clients have been able to find certified birth records online at their birth city, county or state bureau of vital statistics. Many hospitals will retain birth records for up to ten years before transferring them to bureaus mentioned above. Please submit your exact time, date and location of birth within 24 hrs after placing your order. Let Paul know if you need more time to locate your certified birth records, for he will only book your session if he has your complete birth information, confirmed from an actual document. Your exact birth time is the most critical piece of information in evolutionary soul evolution work, for two reasons. One, it's the only thing that differentiates you from every other soul born on that same day, in that same location. Two, Paul uses your exact time of birth to determine your True Soul Purpose in life. Note: please make sure you click AM or PM when you enter your exact birth time in the Client Contact form below.
  • PROCURE A QUIET ROOM, without distractions from children, pets, spouses, bosses, co-workers, secretaries, or outside noises. Extraneous noises can be distracting and interfere with Paul's ability to receive messages from your soul during your session. 
  • MONITOR YOUR EMAIL INBOX during 24 hours before your session begins, in case Paul has a problem with information on your Client Contact Form or if something is missing. Paul will try to contact you to clarify the confusion. If he doesn't get a reply before he begins the preparation work, which is 2 hours before your session begins, he'll assume you had a conflict or an emergency and will automatically cancel the session. He does this to avoid doing all the prep work and then not do your session, resulting in you losing all of the insights & direct messages he received from your soul during the preparation time.  
  • ZOOM MEETING ID, PASSCODE & SESSION CHARTS? In most cases, Paul will send your Zoom Meeting ID, Passcode and copies of the Session Charts to you via email, no later than a half hour before your session begins, so you will have time to arrange the charts in your favorite viewer (or print them), before joining the Zoom meeting. 
  • HOW TO RECORD YOUR SESSION? Shortly after Paul joins your Zoom Meeting he will give you permission to record the session. When you see the permission notice, simply click the record button on the bottom of the page and you will see a red Recording button appear in the upper left hand corner of your Zoom window. After your session ends and Paul leaves your meeting, you can stop the recording. Once you leave Zoom, you will see a white panel open up that says your file is converting, which means it's downloading from the cloud and automatically being saved to your download folder. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER, until the conversion is complete and your entire audio file has been downloaded to the Zoom folder in your computer's Documents folder or Download folder. This way you will have an audio copy of your session shortly after your session has ended.

    Ps. if you accidentally close you computer before the download is complete, Zoom will likely try to download it again the next time you open your computer. If not, then simply open your Zoom home page, click the Meetings menu on the top of that page, and choose the Recordings tab to find it. You should be able to Play the audio file when you click on it, if it did convert the entire audio file. If it has not converted yet (downloaded), then you maybe able to click on the Convert button and start the download process again. Make sure you note what folder your audio file has been downloaded to which appears on the right side of the window next to the Paul Nunn's Personal Meeting Room listed on the left.  
  • DISCLAIMER:  If you are concerned about not being able to retain all the information Paul provides, which is quite a lot, then make sure you activate  Zoom's built-in recorder on your end before your session begins. Paul also recommends taking thorough notes just in case there is a glitch in Zoom or whatever recording system you use.


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